Tools and SDK used for iOS development

  • XCode
  • iOS Simulator
  • iOS SDK
iphone development

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iPhone Development

Learn the development of your own iOS application by taking advanced level of iOS App development training from Agile Academy. The developers who are new to the market or any existing developers who want to learn how to build iPhone, iPad and iTouch applications can get help from our professionals. Our trainers of iOS will rapidly bring you up to speed by coaching you how to generate the code by utilizing Swift programming language(Objective-C is replaced by Swift). Our experienced iOS trainer will show you how to create graphical elements and some of the other functionalities which is utilized in application day to day.

You will be trained how to,

  • Deliver iPhone and iPad applications development techniques
  • Design and test User Interfaces with the interface builder as well as the simulator
  • Add different functionality using Xcode and either Swift or Objective-C programming language
  • Combine navigation controllers as well as tab bars to offer multifunctional UI
  • Integrate pictures, autorotation as well as animation

Tools and SDK used for iOS development


Xcode is a software package which is utilized by the iOS programmers to code software for MAC Operating System X. You would use a language such as C++, Objective-C or Java. The Xcode interface impeccably integrates all these within a single Window:

  • Code editing
  • UI design with Interface builder
  • Testing
  • Debugging

There is an Apple LLVM compiler embedded that emphasizes mistakes of coding as you type and also smart to fix problems automatically.

iOS Simulator

Simulator enables you to quickly prototype and test builds of your application throughout the procedure of development. It runs on MAC system and acts such as standard MAC application while simulating iPhone, iPad, Wearable or Apple TV environment. Consider simulator as a primary testing tool to utilize before testing the app on actual device. Several iOS devices as well as different versions of iOS Operating System can be simulated with iOS simulator.


Software development Kit of iOS permits users to build application for iOS devices. This SDK includes Xcode IDE, instruments, iPhone simulator, compilers, analysis tools, frameworks and samples and many more. SDK is broken down in the following sets:

  • Cocoa Touch
  • Media
  • Core services
  • Mac OS X Kernel

Besides different tools and language, you’ll discover designing patterns, coding convention as well as guidelines and important concepts such as MVC, storyboards and delegation. Also learn latest iOS version functionalities with ease.

iphone training ahmedabad

The SDK is broken down into the following sets:

  • Cocoa Touch
    • iOS App Architecture
    • MVC (Model view controller)
    • Storyboards
  • Multi-touch events and controls
  • View hierarchy
    • Local Storage
  • Camera support
    • Windows based application
    • Tab based application
    • Navigation based application
    • Media and Images
  • Video playback
  • Core Animation
    • Gestures
    • Tab based application
    • Social Networks Integration
    • Web services (json, xml)
  • Core Services
    • Categories and Protocols
    • Networking
    • Embedded SQLite database
    • Core Location and Mapping
    • Threads
    • File system
  • Push notification/ local notification
  • Code siging

iPhone course customization :

Minimize training course fees :

You can choose iPhone course level if you have already done some research or coming from other technology for career shifting. You’ll NO longer pay whole course fees but pay for particular level of learning only. If you complete project cycle, you’ll be provided certificate of experience for duration you worked from Agile Group of Companies.

Compare benefits of iPhone training course from 2 or more institutes BEFORE releasing first payment. You should NOT choose iPhone training WITHOUT attending demo lecture for free.

You’ve right to listen and interact with a real world developer mentor to verify his expertise in subject matter and for explaining power for subject matter. For those who are coming from NON IT background and for all students, basics of HTML-CSS-Javascript-Ajax will be explained for iPhone course.

It is completely possible that you are NOT interested in BASICS that you’ve already learned, like A loops, identifiers etc. in C programming language during academics or in elsewhere professional training. A See following options.

OPTION [1] : Choose iPhone Course Level :

  • STANDARD : Generally recommended for students in last year of degree and want to secure high marks in project submission.
  • ADVANCE : For those seeking iPhone job after course completion, but students can also pursue if they are confident to make career in as iPhone developer.


In general, we recommend STANDARD LEVEL for non-customized iPhone course but you can choose ADVANCE level.

Most popular iPhone topics that we cover are :


Overview of iPhone, iOS and related technologies

  • Becoming an iOS developer and running an iOS app
  • Introduction to Xcode and iOS simulator
  • What is free for end user and developer
  • iOS developer program (individual and company)
  • The iOS SDK tools
  • Simulator limitations and tethering
  • Model differences including screen size, camera, location and motion difference,  processor speed

Swift programming language :

  • Why transition to Swift from Objective-C
  • Data Types, Strings and characters
  • Operators and functions
  • Collections
  • Control flow and looping
  • Structure, classes and inheritance
  • Closures, protocols and delegates
  • Generics
  • The iOS playground

Cocoa Touch

  • Exploring the iOS technology layers
  • Tracing iOS application life cycle
  • Cocoa Fundamentals
  • Exploring iOS frameworks with with Xcode

Interface Builder and MVC application design

  • Creating user interfaces and customizing appearance
  • How Xcode implements MVC
  • Basic User input and output, creation of images, animations, sliders and steppers
  • Using switches, segmented controls and web views

Getting the user’s attention and exploring user alert methods
Implementing multiple scenes and popovers
Advanced storyboards, view controllers, navigation and tab bar controller
Data storage approaches, creating implicit preferences File System storage
Using advanced touches and gestures, 3D touch peek and pop
Application Tracing, Monitoring and Debugging


Choose 1 or more of following, each is separate specialized subtopic ( separate cost )

  • Developing C# apps for iPhone and iPad using MonoTouch
  • Core data and related design of application

OPTION [2] : Choose iPhone course duration

We run 2 types batches :


  • FAST TRACK batch for those who opt to get job earlier
  • REGULAR which mostly involves minimum 6 months and maximum 12 months duration


PLACEMENT support is provided in both types of batches.


You’ll get A GRANULAR LEVEL control over iPhone projects execution for your career support and soft skills like better customer handling tips wherever you work as developer or iPhone developer team lead or project manager.


Why above details mandatory ? Because you want to start earning at individual level by making and selling iPhone apps or want to work as individual contributor in MNC where you do NOT want to be dependent on others for how to do things that you did not meet during training.

Do NOT join any course WITHOUT getting DETAILS and AUTHENTICITY of a software training center. Wisely choose iphone training in ahmedabad for future-aspects of getting job rather speculating your money to software classes which does NOT have transparency in inner workings but only has a good website and a typical software course which can NOT earn you a career job.

If you’ve any inquiry regarding TOPICS or SUBTOPICS coverage for iphone training, please call us on 9227669500 or walk-in at our office address or you can drop a mail at

Agile academy student, after completing iphone development course, is completely eligible to achieve iphone developer jobs in ahmedabad or anywhere by performing best in interviews.


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