Python is an interpreted, object-oriented programming language.

  • Uses an elegant syntax, making the programs you write easier to read.
  • Python supports object-oriented programming with classes and multiple inheritance.
python certification course

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Python Training

Python is an Object Oriented Programming Language that allows you to work more rapidly as well as combine your systems more proficiently. It supports various programming features and prototypes. A standard library contained by Python is huge and wide ranging. Python development is a sophisticated language that emphasizes readability of code. Learn programming in Python by taking advanced Python training from Agile Academy. Python is a powerful language used by big websites such as YouTube and DropBox.

Agile Academy’s intensive Python training courses are customized for the individuals who would like to learn how to use Python in their particular working environment. Mentors at Agile Academy are fully experienced that they are able to bring the real world to the classroom every day. Alike other software courses, there are few available python training in Ahmedabad because of lack of exposure to this technology but it is as mainstream programming language as java or You should ask for frameworks – Flask or Django and other components like tornado, Tkinter…etc that will be covered before selecting course, Agile academy claims to be one the best python training in Ahmedabad because of covering both frameworks or whichever students wish and many other above mentioned components.

If you want to learn all the nitty-gritty concepts of Python to develop your own application, Agile Academy is a place where you get all the knowledge. Agile academy offers the best python course content covering comprehensive number of topics and is one of recognized python training in Ahmedabad.

Python- Dynamic Object oriented programming

  • It delivers clean as well as simple format that is easy to learn and smooth to do work with
  • It gives importance to security, testing as well as administration that redirects to reform software development
  • It is recognized by big names such as Google as well as Microsoft
  • Time and cost saving
  • Extremely scalable
  • Python is a scorer with legacy Java and .Net code by ensuring backward compatibility
  • Procedure of App development is quicker than C/C++ or Java
  • It is suited for the portable and cross-platform development
  • It is flexible with all the platforms and all OSes together with cloud deployment
  • Python is perfect for faster development of projects
  • It is utilized for enterprise-level projects as well as small startups
  • It is simple and readable yet has powerful standard libraries as well as 3rd party packages

Python course  customization :

Minimize training course fees :

You can choose Python course level  if you have already done some research or coming from other technology for career shifting.

You’ll NO longer pay whole course fees but pay for particular level of learning only.

If you complete project cycle, you’ll be provided certificate of experience for duration you worked from Agile Group of Companies.

Compare benefits of Python training course from 2 or more institutes BEFORE releasing first payment.

Do NOT choose Python training WITHOUT attending demo lecture for free.

You’ve right to listen and interact with a real world developer mentor to  verify his expertise in subject matter and for explaining power for subject matter.

For those who’re coming from NON IT background and for all students, basics of HTML-CSS-Javascript-Ajax will be explained for Python course.

It is completely possible that you’re NOT interested in BASICS that you’ve already learned, like  loops, identifiers etc. in C programming language during academics or in elsewhere professional training.  See following options.

OPTION [1] : Choose Python Course Level :

  • STANDARD : Generally recommended for students in last year of degree and want to secure high marks in project submission
  • ADVANCE : For those seeking python developer job after course completion, but students can also pursue if they are confident to make career in as Python developer.

In general, we recommend STANDARD LEVEL for non-customized Python course but you can choose ADVANCE level.

Most popular Python topics that we cover are :

STANDARD course :

Python Language and standard library

  • Core language and Installation of Python
  • Python Basics (Variables, Operators, Conditions)
  • Python Loops, Lists and Dictionary
  • Python Built-in Functions and regex
  • File Operations using Python with Exception Handling
  • Basic Python Modules and Importing in Scripts
  • User Defined Functions in Python
  • OOPs in Python
  • Build and Debug Entire program in Python

Django Web Framework :

 Introduction to Django

  • What is a web framework
  • The MVC design Pattern
  • Django’s history
  • Few insights into other python frameworks including flask and web2py

The Basics of Dynamic Web Pages

  • Installing Django
  • Setting up a  database
  • Setting a Project
  • Django folders and important files

Django Template system

    • Template system basics
    • Basic Template tags and filters
    • Philosophies and limitations
    • Using templates in views, Template loading and inheritance

Interacting with a database : Models

The Django Administration Site

Form Processing

Advanced Views and URL confs

Generic Views

Extending the Template Engine

Generating Non-HTML Content

Sessions, Users, and Registration


Deploying Django



Choose 1 or more of following, each is separate specialized subtopic ( separate cost )

  • Flask framework : modern, loosely coupled framework that you can adjust to change components of choice
  • Web2Py framework
  • Jython implementation to develop JVM(Java Virtual machine) applications with Python
  • Ironpython implementation for  leveraging Python on .Net platform

OPTION [2] : Choose Python course duration

We run 2 types batches :

  • FAST TRACK batch for those who opt to get job earlier
  • REGULAR which mostly involves minimum 6 months and maximum 12 months duration

PLACEMENT support is provided in both types of batches.

OPTION [3] : Python project deployment configurations and maintainability of code base

We practically show each of following things  but if you wish to learn more, we will show you using different configurations.


Web Server : Tornado [ or Apache ]

Hosting : Google application engine ( or standard Hosting )

Version Control System : SVN ( or GIT if you prefer  )

RDBMS : MySQL or PostgreSQL

NoSQL : MongoDB

IDE tools :  Eclipse, PyCharm



You’ll get  GRANULAR LEVEL control over Python projects execution for your career support and soft skills like better customer handling tips wherever you work as developer or Python team lead or project manager.

Why above details mandatory ? Because you want to start earning at individual level by making and selling Python  apps or want to work as individual contributor in MNC where you do NOT want to be dependent on others for how to do things that you did not meet during training.

Do NOT join any course WITHOUT getting DETAILS and AUTHENTICITY of a software training center.


If you’ve any inquiry regarding TOPICS or SUBTOPICS coverage for Python training, please call us on 9227669500 or walk-in at our office address or you can drop a mail at

Come to Agile Academy and experience the python course on live project training.

Agile academy is part of Agile Infoways, one of top IT companies  in Ahmedabad.

Students have flexibility to pay in two monthly installments.

python course conten

Technologies and methodologies:

  • Linux, Nginx, Apache, Gunicorn
  • JavaScript, Jquery
  • EC2, RDS, AWS, ElastiCache, S3, GAE, Windows
  • Ajax, REST, JSON, SOAP, XML, Celery, Tastypie
  • Gearman, Redis, RabbitMQ, Pylint, Sentry and Fabric
  • MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, GIT, SVN, HG
  • Django, Flask, Pinax, Tornado, Zope, OpenERP, web2py and Satchmo