Live Project Training

Live Project Training

Live project training


Agile Academy offers corporate training in all the leading mobile app and website development platform. We have specialization in delivering customer oriented professional training. During the training period you will get the opportunity to learn everything new and latest from our trainers. We are giving training on live and international projects to students or freshers. We train by following professional software development methodology.


By getting involved with our live training procedure you will get,

  • Expert mentors to get 100% practical training
  • Be familiar with the vision and working environments of an IT firm
  • Interoperability amongst different programming languages
  • Learn the best thing and proven practice
  • Improve the qualities of leadership
  • Understand the complete project life cycle step by step
  • Improve the logical, analytical as well as communication skills
  • Increase the level of confidence
  • Learn different approaches and tactics to develop high-quality projects

To deliver proper exposure to the IT industry, Agile Academy delivers live project training instead of giving general software training. Under the supervision of experts, you’ll learn how to develop customized applications and websites. We teach you how clients look at different projects. Students will be taught all basics such as project management, project planning, project execution and many more. It will help them to learn the role of designers or developers in the actual firm.

We follow step by step development methodology:

  • Gathering of requirements
  • Designing of project
  • Coding and implement
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Deployment of project
  • Maintenance after delivery of project


Working with agile academy is an experience that will help you in building your career. Whether you are a fresher or a student who want to introduce to the real world of software development, live project training from our experts will be beneficial. We are always ready when it comes to guide a talent of students in the appropriate direction. Our main focus is to make the students aware about different cycles of development and design to give them hand on experience on the international projects including MCA project training, BCA projects, PHP live project training and for many other different technologies.


In live project training we provide the latest tools and software to all students as per the standard of industry. Training in the industry by industrial experts, during the student life is not the thing that everyone can undertake; but growing competition force to be aware of all the trainings and projects. So, in order to secure better future, get a live training which help you to be expert.


Agile academy student, after completing project training, is completely eligible to achieve IT jobs in ahmedabad or anywhere by performing best in interviews.

Come to Agile Academy and experience the live project training strategies.

Agile academy is part of Agile Infoways, one of top IT companies in Ahmedabad.

In case of students, they should come at legitimate time before submission of BCA project or MCA project because it allows to integrate better features for particular technology they have chosen for website or web application making.

Students have flexibility to pay in two monthly installments.